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Viewing Trips

Rental Management In Altinkum & Akbuk, Turkey Explained

Rental Management Available

After clients have purchased a property in Turkey, often, to help out to make it a cash flow positive investment, many clients decide to rent their property out in Altinkum or Akbuk to help produce an income.

As they are normally living in another country, managing the property from another location can be difficult, however we have an associated and Dedicated Rentals and Travel agency who can provide a full range of property management options to take the stress out of renting your Turkey Property.

These include tenanting (for both long term and holiday lets), maintenance services and tenant service. Including:

  • Welcome packs,
  • Cleaning,
  • Key holding,
  • Airport transfers etc...

Most investors are not content to sit on their investment and wait to realise the capital gains, nor should they be.
It is important to see an investment property working for you from day one and our associated Rentals Company aim to exceed your rental income expectations and has a highly respected position within the travel industry and close working relationships with no less than 500 high street travel agents.

Your property in Altinkum or Akbuk in Turkey will be rented through many online Rental portals such as Holiday, Rental,,, and many more.

Your property will also be supplied for rental through contracts with such companies as Aegean Beds, Travelite, Barhead Travel, and they are constantly working to sign on more agents for selling holiday accommodation in Altinkum, Turkey and through their affiliations with other letting agents in Turkey.

With such an extensive network of travel industry contacts, both at home and abroad, and extensive use of press and internet advertising, you can be confident that our associated rentals office have the ability and experience to ensure your property (or properties) will be marketed properly and effectively.

In addition to short term holiday lets, Rental Management can also arrange long term lets for suitable properties for up to 12 months long term rentals.

Services provided by our associated Travel Agency and Rentals management include:

  • Reception and security staff on site
  • Management of apartment keys
  • Regular cleaning of each apartment and communal areas
  • Linen and towel changes twice a week
  • Invoicing for rentals
  • Rental income transferred directly to client bank account
  • Holiday representative services which will meet and greet rental customers and deal with any queries that may arise.

The last thing you want is waken up by a phone call from your rental asking if you can change the bulb or sort out the hot water etc.
All customers' rentals will have a 24 hours contact number in resort to sort out any problem quickly and efficiently.
The reps will also provide services such as Daily trips, car rentals, money exchange and will try hard to gain repeat customers renting again.

Information about local amenities, location maps will be supplied by our representatives.

For occupancy based rental deals our Dedicated Rentals and Travel agency charge just a 25 % rental management fee for all of the services listed above.

Tour Operator Rentals

We are one of the only companies managing rentals of client apartments in Turkey for tour operators. We do have the 22 years of experience and an excellent track record.

Why choose to rent through tour operators?

For those looking for a rental income in the Beach resorts and the coastal areas it represents a major opportunity and by far the largest market for rentals of apartments.

How can I rent my apartment?

All the major tour operators take on properties on a development by development basis working with an experienced rental management company. It is not possible for individual owners to sign agreements with tour operators.

With the increasing accessibility of Turkey there is now a growing demand for private rentals as well as package holiday makers. This has the advantage of higher nightly rates compared with tour operators.

How do I furnish and decorate my apartment?

To purchase complete furniture packages for your Turkish Holiday Property, we recommend you visit our Furnishing Department at our associate office in Altinkum. Here we provide a selection of options and a comprehensive furniture package where additional extras can be offered.

The Turkey office ensures placement, delivery and installation of your order in a timely manner. The units they furnish contain all the basic components to insure occupants have what they need for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

Property owners may also choose to furnish their own units. Several have done a fabulous job, while others may not qualify for our program or be required to offer their units at our budget pricing. If an owner is interested in furnishing the apartment themselves, or through another company, please feel free to contact us so we can provide a list of items that we recommend for best possible rental.

Higher quality furniture will last longer and be more appealing to potential renters. For Rental Management purposes, owners will want to consider our Rentals standards for holiday home furnishings. All our Rentals properties must have hot water. Additionally, the installation of air-conditioning units in the bedrooms and the living room is highly recommended as rental prices are set in accordance. Our Rentals Linen program takes into account standard bed sizes, and our linens may not fit custom beds.

What is the advantage of installing Hot Water and AC/Heat Pump units?

Though it is not standard in Turkey for builders to install hot water heating, our Rental Office requires water heater installation by those in our Rental Management program. The Air Conditioning and Heat Pump units are extremely important to a successful rental management program and contribute toward establishing the rental price on individual units. During high season outside temperatures and humidity determine which units renters will request, so these are extremely important to have.

Many Europeans prefer air-conditioning in their bedrooms. For this reason, Our Rentals Office highly recommends the installation of AC units in all bedrooms and the living room. Our Rental Office installs adequately sized hot water units and air conditioning/heat pump units with guarantees and employs a team of reliable electricians and plumbing engineers.

Q & A Regarding Rentals Property Protection

Will Your Rental Office provide updates on my holiday home?

For clients who sign up for our Rentals Property Protection Service, which is a prerequisite for Rental Management, we will visit your apartment regularly to test electronic equipment and utilities as well as the contents and condition of your holiday home. For your convenience and peace of mind, we will have quarterly reports providing easy access to the latest a financial report, inventory, your home's current condition, as well digital photos on request.

Will Our Rentals Office control the keys on Holiday homes?

Securing keys is very important and helpful toward our Rental Office meeting the expectations of both owners and renters. The keys are secured in a safe place that allows our Rentals Office access to your unit to ensure that your property is cleaned, aired, and repaired on a monthly basis. Additionally, key holding allows our Rentals Office employees to access your vacation home in a timely manner to update inventory and take some digital photos to prepare quarterly updates. For clients who sign-up for our Rental Management program, key holding allows rental clients access to your home.

Q & A Regarding Our Rentals Rental Management

What do I need to do in order to utilize our Rentals Office Property Management services?

To join our Property Management Services you will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Copy of the full inventory of your holiday home.
  • Copy of the insurance policy for your holiday home (if you use our Rentals Office insurance services we will have this anyway)
  • Photocopy of the main information page of each of the owner's passports
  • Photocopy of Property Papers
  • Keys to front and patio(s) doors and other doors and locks that may be required.
  • Furniture package if not already installed
  • Name, phone number and address of an emergency contact in case we are unable to contact the customer.
  • Completed contract (Will be provided by us)

How do I obtain property insurance for my holiday home? What are the insurance requirements?

Our Rental Office can offer you a insurance quote, who can provide you with coverage on your property and its contents. Our Administrative Services package includes assistance with purchasing insurance for your home and an annual reminder for payment. Our Rental Office staff research prices on Turkish and European insurance companies and provide you with the best cover and most competitively priced options.

Will our Rental Office leave consumable products in the apartment after clients or renters leave?

Our Rental Office are devoted to making sure our clients are comfortably and safely settled in their homes. Due to possible food contamination or food expiry dates passing, we do not consider it safe to leave consumable products other than paper goods and cleaning products in the unit between occupants. Maintaining this standard is a precautionary step toward preventing an infestation of unwanted pests.

For our existing Rentals Members we recommend, a lockable personal storage area in which personal belongings may be kept and put away from visit to visit.

How will I be notified when my unit is occupied and if it is available?

Our Rental Office recommend our clients let us know as soon as they establish personal travel plans and are aware of dates their unit is available for rent. It is required by our Rental Office that holiday home owners provide enough notification of owner occupancy and rental availability dates. Providing advanced notification regarding owner occupancy and unit availability allows us to book your unit as soon as a renter inquires.

Renters may request a specific unit. If they do not state a preference, requests for units will be rotated among owners whose units are available. If owners have not provided us with availability information and a potential renter requests a particular unit, we will contact an owner via email regarding a specific request and await confirmation before booking a unit. If confirmation is delayed more than three working days, we will suggest the rental client consider another available unit.

Will renting in high season give me a better chance of rental?

The simply answer is Yes, absolutely. High Season, which starts at the beginning of July and ends on 1st of September, is a very active period for the region for international holiday makers as well as Turkish holidaymakers. The coast has a warm, Mediterranean climate tempered on the eastern coast by southwest trade winds. Turkey has nice weather and beautiful beaches, which is attracting an increasing number of tourists every year, which is very promising for any property owner renting their apartment.

Will I pay a commission to your Rentals Office if I possibly wanted to use my apartment or for family/friends?

No. Owners do not pay commission to our Rental Office if you are planning to host friends or family in your property. However, we want you to inform us of the arrival and departure dates beforehand so our Rental Office can reserve this period for you, your relatives or your friends. Cleaning fees and other extra services (if any) will be charged.

What are the market expectations for holiday home rentals along the Aegean Coast of Turkey?

  • Turkey and the tourism board are heavily promoting and creating supportive infrastructure for tourism and already enjoys over 20 million foreign tourist a year, (That is just behind Spain) and Turkey is the only country in the world where revenues are still increasing every year.
  • While the value of holiday property rises along the coast owners can enjoy a return on their investment
  • Two bedroom holiday homes rent between £ 38 and £ 50 a night, which is an attractive price to potential renters
  • Rental demand is far greater than suitable property for availability ( management and swimming pools are a must )
  • A luxurious lifestyle is available with low cost living
  • Hassle free property and rental management is offered
  • Quality customer service is available for holiday home owners and rental clients
  • International advertising and web presence available
  • 24-hour emergency services ensure peace of mind
  • Turkish holiday makers enjoys the summer holidays along the Aegean coast and prefer renting apartments and villas rather than hotels.
  • Turkey is already very popular holiday destination for Europeans especially British due to high coast in all euro zone holiday destinations.

Does Your Rental Office offer Guarantee Rental Income?

We do have developments from time to time where we offer guaranteed rentals. Please ask at the time of enquiry for our latest offers.

How is Turkish rental income tax calculated?

Investors from the UK, looking to let their Turkish property, pay tax on any rental income that is generated per year. For tax advice, we recommend you consult with a tax expert and please note you are responsible for your tax issues.

Q & A Regarding The Rentals Administrative Services

How will my utility payments be processed?

Our Rentals Services can assist opening a bank account, setting up a direct debit for your utility payments for water and electricity providing you with peace of mind knowing your services will continue without interruption. Establishing a reserve account with your Bank such as Direct Debit allows bills to be paid on a regular basis. Our Rentals Administrative Services will inform you on any payment delays or oversights. Tracking prevents utilities getting shut off before your arrival or that of your renters.

Other Questions?

Please feel free to email us or call us with any other questions or doubts that you might have!
Enclosed is a list of some common terms in the Rental Property Management which we have explained for you.

Routine Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Welcome Packages
Minor Repairs
Major Repairs
Maintenance Programs

Property Checks
Emergency Visits


Call Out Services Chauffering
Airport Services
Guest Meet & Greet
Guided Tours
Starting Services
Mail Forwarding
Survey - consulting
Basic general routine cleaning
Deeper and more thorough level of cleaning for which longer hours are expected
Charged per apartment unit according to the size and type of your property
Varies in quality on the culinary knowledge of the cook, and is limited to simple preparation
Call with requests and availability
Call with requests and availability
Varying from basic wine and cheese packages, to certain necessities, as well as special requests for content
These are minimal and general repairs understood to be of normal necessity
These are left to the discretion and ability of the maintenance crew, and may be subcontracted to a third party
These are left to the discretion and knowledge of the maintenance crew, and may be subcontracted to a third party that cover special additional maintenance needs you may have
Installation of appliances or amenities
This is a check on the condition of the property not included in the service packages
An emergency check of the property not included in the service packages, the hour and extent of emergency may vary. In cases where the situation requires this service due to a prior agreement, the fee may be added, even without prior approval, as long as the services prevent further loss and ensure the wellness of the property.
This service assists prior to, or after guests or tenants leave. It includes cleaning, changing of sheets and towels, inventory of property, and any other general services that may be needed
We check on your property additionally from any service packages agreed on
We drive you around, assisting you as we go
Pick up or drop off service
Welcoming guests, picking them up, and other services needed
Assistance and guidance as you tour Turkey.
Assist you in setting up the paperwork, billing, legal, and accounting prior to your arrival
Mail forwarding from Turkey
Call with requests

Successful property investment is achieved by following certain basic criteria: producing a positive cash flow and investment costs versus income. Determining cash flow begins by determining rental value. We determine the rental value of your property by comparing it to the local market (common properties, amenities, location, season, etc...). Turkish Holiday homes do not typically rent for 365 days of the year, unless you agreed to do long term rental to the locals. During low-season rental rates are difficult to determine but typically rental property income during one summer month produces more revenue than in 6 months during low season. We aim to balance the amount of rental income with property demand and provide tourism to increase demand.

Rental Income covers operating costs, management and changeover fees, property maintenance, garbage collection, applicable taxes, mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, etc. Property age and quality of furnishings plays factor into property repair costs. Maintaining the property in peak condition insures the highest cash flow possible.

If you choose to sell your home, property values commonly follow an upward trend. In increasingly popular resort areas, this trend is normally multiplied even more. The longer you hold onto your property, the more appreciation you build, and the more your property should be worth. A good cash flow record helps raise property value to the highest possible rate, with which you are able to prove your winning track record to potential buyers. Our priority is to successfully partner with you to provide maximum possible rental income. Making you successful makes us successful as well.

Real estate investment may not be as rewarding as more risky investments like the stock market, but smaller gains are better than the risk of loss, and lower risk ensures you are not "gambling" with your money, but rather wisely increasing it. By way of example: say someone takes out a £40.000 loan with an interest rate 7.5%, with a monthly payment of £280. Our rentals department rents out that property and produces a positive cash flow of £52 in a month for you. Additionally, the property value appreciates by 6%. You now have a monthly increase in value of £200 on a £40.000 property, thus creating an investment increase of £252 in a month. In this way, investors may decrease mortgage debt by one month. If one were to apply the £252 towards a mortgage payment, this would reduce ones mortgage payments by eight months! Our goal is for our services to pay for themselves through protecting your investment from loss, by maintaining and/or increasing property value, and by providing additional opportunity for income

We go above and beyond to ensure your property stays occupied. We cater to Europeans, Turkish tourists, and even your personal guests. We cater to any person willing to pay rent, and upon request and availability we offer additional services. We market and advertise our rental management package without further cost to you. Consider us as your liaison and representative within Turkey.

Your Rental Agreement

For owners looking to rent their properties with Our Rentals office, on either short or long term lets, the rental management contract is provided once you have signed the purchase agreement for your property and paid a deposit.

The rental agreement will ask you to pay the first 12 month's rental administration costs in advance, however, only where these can be added to the mortgage loan agreement, some mortgage developers don't allow costs to be added so alternative arrangements are available. In such cases any fees, including your security deposit, will be paid by your solicitor on completion of the building work.

On completion of the construction, our associate rentals office will inspect the property on your behalf to ensure the quality of the work is of a sufficiently high standard. The results of this check will be sent to you and your solicitor. Where necessary, this report will list any remedial work required before the property can be rented.

Should any such work be needed, our associate rentals office will revisit your property and conduct a further inspection to ensure that the remedial work has been completed to the required high standard. Once that standard has been reached, you and your solicitor will be sent the advice that the work is now acceptable to all parties and you can take final possession of the property.

For extra security, once final possession is complete, our associate rentals office will arrange for an initial clean to remove builder's dust. You will also be provided with a local contact name and telephone number.

After the initial cleaning, any furniture and electrical packs will be installed followed by a final ‘sparkle clean' to ensure your property is perfect for the first holiday makers. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Preparing your property ready for the rental market involves proper preparation. Your property must meet the required standards of the main tour operators and the estimated costs of meeting these standards are explained throughout.

Rental income

All income generated will be paid in Sterling or Euro into each client's nominated bank account. Our Associate Rentals Management agreements are renewable and must be agreed in time for the next holiday season to ensure maximum rental income.