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Viewing Trips

Purchase Procedure

Enclosed is a typical purchase process in Turkey using an official independent lawyer. 
Most Lawyers will be able to arrange your property purchase and also many can offer other services
Some examples are below.

Please click here to request a PDF copy by email.

Most Lawyers will be able to arrange your property purchase and also many can offer other services.
Below is a breakdown of costs to purchase a property in Turkey, however, this may vary slightly depending on lawyers used and the property purchase price.
A rule of thumb is to allow approximately 5% to 7% for the additional closing costs on your property purchase.

Military Search £500 One Off Payment
Water and Electric Connection £400 One Off Payment
Maintenance £400 Annual Fee
Buying Tax 3.3% of Purchase Price One Off Payment
Dak Insurance £60 Approximately Annual Fee
Council Tax £50 Approximately Annual Fee
Stamp Duty £60 One Off Payment
Translator £50 One Off Payment
Solcitor / Lawyers Fee (depending on Lawyer used) £500 to £1,000 One Off Payment

Some examples of other services can be found below.
Property and Immovable Real Estate Law

    • Construction Law
    • Civil Law (Domestic/Family Law - Inheritance Law)
    • Commercial Law
    • Corporate / Business law
    • Company Law / Labour / Employment Law
    • Tax / Insurance Law
    • Administrative Law
    • Criminal Law
    • Litigation / Arbitration Law
    • Intellectual Property Law (Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights)
    • Joint Ventures
    • Inheritance Laws
    • Admiralty and Maritime Law
    • Banking & Financial Laws
    • International Law

Enclosed is a what a typical lawyer can do for Foreign Investors In Turkey

    • General Legal Advice.
    • Real estate purchase process.
    • Due Diligence.
    • Contracts regarding construction & real estate.
    • Solving real estate disputes through mediation or legal action.
    • Legal Advice regarding Companies in Turkey.
    • Formation of Companies in Turkey.
    • Setting up of branches of an established company outside of Turkey.
    • Preparation of shareholders agreements and articles of associations
    • Patent and trademark registration.
    • Tax and insurance.
    • Resident and work permits.
    • Divorces & parental rights.
    • Inheritance & wills.
    Purchase Procedure in Turkey

A typical purchase process and procedure in Turkey is as follows :
1.Power of Attorney (POA)
Power of Attorney enables your lawyer to act behalf of you during your absence. This means your lawyer is going to chase all legal and administrative paperwork behalf of you during your purchase process and can sign any documentation at municipality or title deed registration office or at any governmental unit behalf of you.
The notaries are authorized to prepare Power of Attorney document in Turkey. You should go to one of the notary public in Turkey in order to prepare a valid POA for your lawyer. It is also possible to prepare POA at your country According to your purchase process' needs, you may give these authorizations to your lawyer.

  • Signing the relevant paperwork at title deed registration office and obtaining the title deed in the name of client.
  • Opening a bank account / and controlling the bank account if necessary.
  • Obtaining tax number for client from Tax Office.
  • Connecting water and electricity to your property (if necessary).
  • Representing client at the court house and acting on behalf of client(s) if necessary in cases relating to the purchase process.

2. Preparing a Report for the Project and Property (Due Diligence)
Once you prepare a POA for your lawyer, your lawyer can collect the relevant paperwork related to the project and the property to prepare a report. And when your lawyer is satisfied with the information provided, you will be informed by e-mail or by phone and you can pass to next step.

3. Agreement/Contract
After preparing the report for the relevant project and property, if everything is in an order your lawyer can prepare a specific agreement/contract for your property according to the needs of your purchase process or if there is already an existing agreement/contract which is provided by builder, your lawyer can check the agreement/contract behalf of you to understand if that agreement/contract is enough to protect your rights against builder or not.
The agreement/contract will be in both Turkish and English. If agreement has prepared in your absence, your lawyer will send it to you by e-mail or by a payment on delivery courier service. You will sign three or four copies of agreement/contract. Because when all parties sign the agreement, you will keep one copy, the builder/developer will keep one copy, your lawyer will keep one copy and if there is a real estate agency between you and builder, the agency will keep one copy. After you sign the agreement at your country, you should send back all copies. Your lawyer can keep your copy in your file or send your copy back to you once your builder/constructor signs the agreement/contract.

4. Obtaining a Tax Number and Opening up Bank Accounts
If you give authorization obtain tax number and to open up bank account with your POA to your lawyer, your lawyer can able to obtain your tax number from tax office and open up a bank account for you.

5. Payments
You can transfer your payments directly to the builder's/developer's account or you can transfer the payments to your bank account in Turkey. If you give authorization to control your bank accounts to your lawyer with POA, your lawyer can control your bank account and transfer your payments to the builder's/developer's account.
Whichever method chosen, please kindly keep any receipt regarding your payments. Also it is purchaser's liability to inform lawyer about any payments transferred to the builder/developer.
** Purchasers are responsible to pay transaction fees of banks.

6. Military Clearance Process

Foreign nationals should apply for military clearance before getting the title deed in the name of themselves. Applying for military clearance is one of builder's/developer's responsibility, however if you give authorization to your lawyer with POA in order to chase your military clearance process, your lawyer can also apply and chase your process behalf of you.

The application has to be done at Aegean Military Command Headquarters in Izmir. Aegean Military Command Headquarters will check your project's land information to understand if your land is in a military sensitive zone or not. Foreigners cannot get title deeds from a land if the land is in a military sensitive zone. Foreigners should receive the military clearance document or in other words military permit, before getting the title deed in the name of themselves.

7. Transfer of Title Deed (TAPU) Process
After receiving the military clearance document if project wholly completed and both parties met their liabilities arise by the agreement/contract, your lawyer can proceed with transferring the title deed. Obtaining easement rights and habitation certificate is the builder's/constructor's responsibility. The easement rights of property have to be obtained before transfer of title deed. The purchaser or purchaser's attorney and the builder/developer have to be present at title deed registration office in order to complete transfer of title deed process.
There is a purchase tax which has to be paid before transferring the title deed. Purchase tax is 3.3% of the value of the property and usually purchasers pay this tax to the title deed registration office.

DASK (compulsory earthquake insurance) is a must in Turkey. You should arrange DASK just after getting your title deed in the name of yourselves. You can request assistance from an insurance company or through your agent or from your lawyer.

Other Options Available in Your Property Purchase Procedure
If a client wishes to use a professional assistance about inspection of property, your lawyer can contact with an independent building inspector and can arrange necessary paperwork to forward to the inspector. The inspector will check your property behalf of you to understand if the builder/developer built up the property according to technical specifications or not. Inspector can also prepare an additional snagging list behalf of the purchaser with an additional fee. Snagging list will include the defections of your property.

Connection Of Electricty And Water
If you give the required authorization to your lawyer by POA, your lawyer can chase the process behalf of you at the relevant governmental units and can connect electricity and water to your property behalf of you.

To protect your investment in Turkey and obligation of making insurance by the government.
There are many options for you to attain Insurance for your property.

Preparing Will
In order to protect your assets in Turkey, it is highly recommended to prepare a Turkish Will. The will has to written by your hand writing and you need witnesses to have valid will according to Turkish Rule and Regulations. To avoid any problems in the future, we recommend you to select your witnesses from people who your inheritors can reach easily with a permanent specific address. (etc. Lawyer, Doctor, Registered Engineers)

Residency Permit
If you wish to stay in Turkey more than 3 months, your lawyer can provide assistance in order to obtain Residency Permit from Aydin Police Headquarters.

Granting Power Of Attorney From UK Or Ireland
If you have not had the opportunity to issue Power of Attorney Please refer to the following steps to know how to obtain and send a Power of Attorney (POA) from UK:
You do not need to come to Turkey just to issue a power of attorney. You can easily complete this procedure in your country and should normally take only a couple of hours of your time.

Please do the following steps;
1- If you do not yet have your Power of Attorney (POA) form, please ask your legal adviser to have one.
2- You should write your full name and fill all the missing personal information just below your photo in Applicant section.
3- You need to take your POA to a public notary where it will be signed under their witness and ask the notary to seal your photo.
4- Your next step to apostille that is a simplified form of legalization (authenticating) of foreign documents by a respective government authority in the country of its origin.
To Apostil; you need to find out where the British Principal Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs is. (You may find the address at please take your POA to the address and ask them to apostil the backside of the last page of your document.
5- Once you get it apostilled you should send it to your legal adviser's Office; (We will recommend you to send your POA via a currier service such as FEDEX, UPS to ensure security and avoid delays)
You also need to send a 2-passport size photos for each named buyer to your legal adviser also, which are required for completion.
6- Once your legal adviser receives your POA, he will make necessary arrangements for POA to be translated into Turkish Language and will notarized in Turkey with an additional cost of approximately 200 GBP. Upon Completion of all these steps, your legal adviser will be able to perform the above-described services on your behalf.

Should you require information on recommended lawyers, please call this office.